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York Region Soccer League

Game Days

YRSL 2023 Playing Nights

AgePlaying Nights Age Playing Nights
BU13 (2010)Monday GU13 (2010)Tuesday
BU14 (2009)Thursday GU14 (2009)Monday
BU15 (2008)Wednesday GU15 (2008)Wednesday
BU16 (2007)Monday GU16 (2007)Thursday
BU17 (2006)WednesdayGU17 (2006)Monday
Bu18 (2005)ThursdayGU18 (2005)Wednesday

Note: Some divisions maybe allocated to another district if volume is low

U9 to U12 Development  
BU9 (2014)Thursday
BU10 (2013)Tuesday
BU11 (2012)Wednesday
BU12 (2011)Monday
BU12 (2011) Black DivisionSaturday
GU9 (2014)Monday
GU10 (2013)Wednesday
GU11 (2002)Thursday
GU12 (2011)Tuesday
GU12 (2011) Black DivisionSaturday